If you are dealing with challenges related to an ADHD diagnosis in yourself or with someone you love or care about, we'd like to help. All of our monthly meetings are free and open to the public. 


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                                                      All regular, monthly meetings start at 7 pm

                                     Kesher Israel Synagogue, 1000 Pottstown Pike, West Chester 


Fall Programming 2019

 Ari Tuckman PsyD, MBA

Diane Perry   

PEAL Center Parent Advisor

September 17     7pm           Adult meeting

ADHD and Couples:  Overcoming challenges to create a relationship that really works!

All couples have struggles and challenges, but when one partner has ADHD, the struggles tend to be more frequent and intense.  This presentation will discuss how to get to deeper issues of trust, self-respect, and integrity so that couples can create a relationship that really works for both partners--and why keeping a good sex life is an important part of this process.  Dr. Ari Tuckman will discuss strategies and steps to creating a happier, more intimate and enduring relationship for couples impacted by ADHD.

October 16  (this is a Wednesday!)   7pm      Parent meeting

Creating a strong IEP for your child.

It's a new school year and advocating for your child is on your mind!  For parents of children with ADHD, the IEP process can be overwhelming and downright confusing, yet it is critically important to your child's school success.  Come to this meeting to learn more about the IEP process, how to make sense of the reports and to discuss ways to provide meaningful input throughout the IEP process, so that your child gets the academic and emotional supports that they need.  You will learn simple and effective techniques to use with the IEP team so that you leave with a greater sense of clarity and confidence in your ability to advocate for your child.

November 7-9, 2019      Better Together: International ADHD Conference in Philadelphia!!

                                      Join us for this first ever CHADD/ADDA/ACO conference in our                                              home city.   It's going to be great!      https://chadd.org/conference/

Anna Marie PiPietro  


December 3        7pm      Adult and Parent Meeting

Medication Management for ADHD and co-occurring conditions

Learn about the latest medications for ADHD and co-occurring conditions such as depression, anxiety and behavioral challenges.  Our speaker will be Anna Marie DiPietro, PMHNP-BC.  She will share the latest pharmacologic interventions and address concerns and questions about the use of medication in managing ADHD.  Genetic testing to guide medication management will be discussed as well.


Our chapter voicemail line is

610-429-4060 and our email is ccmlchadd@gmail.com    


We'd love to be able to respond right away but we all have busy families of our own so leave a message or email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.   If you need more immediate assistance, call the CHADD National Resource Center on AD/HD at 800-233-4050.  It's available M-F,  1:00 - 5:00 Eastern time.

If you can afford to help our chapter by volunteering on the board, helping us with special projects or if you have just an hour or two a month to help us promote our meetings, give us a call at 610-429-4060.

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