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​HELPFUL LINKS  CC/ML's chapter page on CHADD National's website


                                         Great resource from the National Resource Center on ADHD, a program of CHADD and supported by the CDC.


We list the sites below as a resource for you who live in our local area.  CHADD does not endorse any product, publication, service, treatment or medication.

For Parents and Caregivers

                                                           Great site for parents of children with attention and learning issues.    With the ability to get information individualized for your child and tools such as Parenting Coach, Tech Finder, Decision Guide and Through Your Child's Eyes this site has a wealth of information to help you and your child.

                                                                                                      Link to the CCIU's website which is a valuable resource to explain and help

                                                                                                      apply for medical access card.   There is information for Chester County

                                                                                                      as well as the surrounding counties.


Two moms who have kids with ADHD operate this site.  Their site has many useful, free articles for parents who need some help raising kids with ADHD.  They also offer parent coaching for a fee.


The ARC of Chester County (there are ARCs in other counties too) has a multitude of information on their website.   Check out their resource tab and ARConnections newsletter.   They are also able to assist with education advocacy.


CHADD's Parent to Parent Training which is available in a classroom or online.   Extensive information (14 hours) to help you n navigate ADHD across the lifespan.    Also available in Spanish!

The Parent Education and Advocacy Leadership Center (PEAL) helps families and individuals in Pennsylvania with parent advising with special education, trainings, newsletters and publications and an annual conference on education, inclusive practice and special health care needs.  


ADHD coach Jeff Copper interviews experts on topics of interest to parents and adults.  Interviews are archived, free and available on the internet.


This website was recommended by Child Mind Institute for having apps to help children with special needs.



Free portable e-book from Child Mind Institute.  Also available in Spanish.


             For Adults


Website specifically for adults with ADHD created by adults with ADHD.    Through education, humor and social interaction this website provides tools and support people need to create the life they love.


Great podcasts for adults by ADHD expert,  Dr. Ari Tuckman


ADHD coach Jeff Copper interviews experts on topics relevant to both parents and adults.  Interviews are archived, free and available on the internet.


Website by Melissa Orlov and Dr. Ned Hallowell to help couples thrive in their marriage when ADHD is in the picture.

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