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Benefits of Volunteering

We know being an adult with ADHD or caring for a child (or children) with ADHD is  time and energy intensive.
But we also know that connecting with others who understand the condition, but share a common goal of helping others, is good medicine for the mind and body.  Yes, there are studies on this!  So take a chance, step out of your comfort zone and volunteer even if you can only give a small amount of time.  
Send us an email or contact us through Facebook and we'll be in contact.
Even if you have no time to volunteer, you can help our chapter by becoming a CHADD member.  In addition  to all the membership benefits you receive by joining, our chapter will receive a portion of your membership fee.
By joining, you will be helping CHADD National and Chester County/ Main Line CHADD in advocating and supporting the ADHD community.



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